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These beautiful canvases come in various colours and themes from Mardi Gras Masks to Sunny Beaches. Be transported to anywhere with these ensembles, which can be even more fun accompanied with props and costumes. Dress up in whacky hats and masks as you take funny photos with friends in front of The Eiffel Tower despite being in the middle of Cape Town.

Easily assembled, they Velcro onto a conveniently portable foldaway stand. Each backdrop is approximately 3m length by 2.2m height.

Currently we have in stock (but are very happy to get new ones printed):

3 x Mardi Gras

5 x Big Five

5 x Lumo Hindu Images

1 x Cuban Street

1 x Beach

1 x Candy Sweets

1 x Steampunk Mechanics

1 x Alice in Wonderland

1 x Under the Sea

2 x Winter Wonderland

1 x Oscars Red Carpet

1 x James Bond

1 x Mexican Day of the Dead

1 x Table Mountain

1 x Hippie Signs

1 x Gatsby

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